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Things to do in Lanai Island


Things to do in Lanai

The experience of Lana'i begins before you land. From air or sea, you can see the sheer cliffs of western Lana'i loom high above Kaumalapau Harbor like purple-green ramparts rising from the sea. Across the channels, the islands of Kaho‘olawe, Moloka‘i and Maui, with Haleakala visible above a lei of clouds, extend the welcome to Hawai'i'S most enticing island.

You will land on an airstrip in the middle of the Palawai Basin, a large crater in the heart of Lana'i . There are no jetways or tunnels at Lana'i Airport, just a vast openness of warm, sweet air and a peace that immediately descends. By the time you step off the ramp and your first footsteps fall on Lana'i, you will feel stress and urgency slipping away with the life you've left willingly behind.

Island of Lanai

Lanai Island

Lanai Attractions Lana'i 's natural and cultural attractions are spread out over 141 square miles, down roads more bumpy than paved, through rainforest and pineapple lands and arid, windswept plains. There are only 30 miles of paved road. Four-wheel-drive vehicles are the norm. In Lana'i 's rhythm and scale, it may take an hour to go 12 miles, but the landscape is part of the journey. From its summit at Lana'ihale to its 47 miles of coastline, Lana'i is a museum without walls.

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Lanai Attractions

Lanai Nature About 5 miles from Lana'i City, The Nature Conservancy's Kanepu'u Preserve is the largest remnant of the dryland forest that scientists believe once covered the medium elevations of all the islands of Hawai'i . The 590-acre preserve is one of Hawai'i 's most significant; a critical, carefully tended habitat for precious Lama (native ebony), Olopua (native olive), Lana'i sandalwood, Na'u (native gardenia) and 46 other species of native Hawaiian plants. Kanepu‘u is the last dryland forest of its kind in the world, a nature lover's jewel 1,700 feet above sea level in the quiet central uplands of Lana'i . The area is gated to prevent wild deer and mouflon sheep from disturbing the endangered plants, but visits are allowed.

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Lanai Specials

Lanai Beach

Lana'i 's Cathedrals lie underwater or in the purity of a windblown landscape. At the dive site called Cathedrals, an underwater grotto glows with light and the human hand is absent. At Keahikawelo in northwestern Lana'i , wind and time have carved a temple in a canyon of eroded land. In the mountains and at the shoreline, in the vast open spaces of a tiny, secluded island, time has moved slowly and the whispers of the past can be heard.

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