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Things to do in Molokai


Things to do in Molokai

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to taking a satisfying vacation. Some people like to live it up shoulder to shoulder with the masses, while others seek out the sweet sound of silence. If you're of the latter mindset and hope to escape the sights and sounds of civilization when you travel in order to achieve a higher form of relaxation, then traveling to East Molokai could feel like coming home. This quiet isle has the best of Hawaii's beauty without all the crowds, and every square inch is lovely and worthy of exploration.

Hawaii has its major players; the Big Island, Maui, Kauai and Oahu are popular vacation destinations that nearly everyone has heard of. Molokai, on the other hand, has the delightful privilege of being a little less known. This hidden treasure shouldn't be overlooked, especially if you enjoy straying from the beaten path in all aspects of life. Unless you enjoy packed beaches and the constant hum of other people's conversations, consider East Molokai's many charms.

Things to do in Molokai

Molokai Adventures

Molokai Coast For one thing, all the outdoor adventures you could hope to engage in are available here, and in a rougher, more authentic form. Just like on the other Hawaiian isles, it's possible to go kayaking, whale watching, snorkeling, diving and deep-sea fishing. The difference is, you'll be traversing land that's seen fewer feet and viewing a landscape that seems as if it's from another time. As you sail around the shore on a sloop or paddle near the reef in your kayak, take pleasure in knowing that this land looks almost the same as it always has. No strip hotels distort the view and no pollution clogs the air; it's all natural.

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Molokai Attractions

Molokai RainForest Specific points of interest will keep you busy while you're here, and constantly immersed in a richness of culture that is generally unparalleled. A handful of churches, some built by the famous Belgian priest Father Damien, as well as Ili Iliopae Heiau, a human sacrifice temple, bring a fascinating element to a day of sightseeing. Also notable is Pukoo, a small village reminiscent of Hawaii's early days with a fisherman's harbor. It might be tough to find air conditioning here, but you'll surely discover details of much greater interest than that.


Molokai Fun

Molokai Specials

molokai Beach HouseFish ponds and beach parks will further whet an appetite for castaway-type scenes, and the chance to pause and enjoy the sweet sounds of silence will often present itself. There are hard-working people here who live perfectly complex lives, of course, but the pace seems a bit slower and the trappings of modern technology don't play such an important role. Here's a challenge, during your stay on Molokai, try to do without the internet and cell phones. It'll add another dimension of tranquility to the trip, and will make you realize what really is, and isn't important.

Stay active by hiking, biking, swimming and horseback riding. After working up an appetite, sample the local fare and relish the new flavors. Visit the biggest city, Kaunakakai, for a good chance to find typical souvenirs like leis and macadamia nuts, but for an even more exotic spin to this already unconventional trip consider staying in a vacation rental on the east side of the island.

Here, you'll find hilltop cottages with breathtaking views and glimpse private beach houses through the thick vegetation. You'll also be able to satisfy the question that immediately arises: what's it like to live there? These East Molokai Vacation Rentals encourage travelers to embrace the experience of visiting a faraway place by allowing for lots of privacy and comfort to be had amidst the exotic surroundings. Yes this is an undeveloped swath of land with little sign of advanced civilization, but within the walls of each vacation rental are kitchen supplies and appliances, comfortable beds, lots of towels and linens, and much more. What else does a person need to pass a relaxing vacation?

East Molokai wouldn't be the ideal destination for everyone, but if you've made it this far you're probably one of those who would enjoy this unique experience. If so, go online today to check out the situation a bit further, and happy trails to you.

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